Educational Network Services
Educational Network Services
First Step 
Students caught smoking should be brought into the office and cigarettes or matches confiscated.
Second Step 
Have student write a “statement of the incident”
Third Step 
If he/she denies incident, conduct an investigation.
Fourth Step 
Inform student’s parents of incident.
Final Outcome: 
Follow district discipline policy as consequences.


EC 48901(a) No school shall permit the smoking or use of tobacco, or any product containing tobacco or nicotine products, by pupils of the school while the pupils are on campus, or while attending school-sponsored activities or while under the supervision and control of school district employees.
 (b) The governing board of any school district maintaining a high school shall take all steps it deems practical to discourage high school students from smoking. Section: Previous 48900.2 48900.3 48900.4 48900.5 48900.6 48900.7 48900.8 48901 48901.5 48902 48903 48904 48904.3 48905 48906 Next 
 Review District wide Policy

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