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Schools are required by law, through the Education (Pupil Information) (England) Regulations 2005 (as amended by the Education (Pupil Information) Regulations 2008), to keep curricular and educational records for each pupil, disclose these records to parents and pupils, report at least annually to all parents on their child’s progress and attainment and transfer pupil information and educational records as a pupil changes school. The head teacher’s report must take in a wide range of curricular information, together with a more general summary of progress.

For all first, second and third key stages, the head teacher’s annual report should include a brief commentary on the teacher’s assessment and judgment of progress of attainment in citizenship (both individually and in relation to other pupil’s in the same year which draws attention to any particular strengths and weaknesses of the pupil). Results of the fourth key stage will need to be reported, as with the results of any public examinations taken, by subject and with the results of any public examinations taken, by subject and grade. (Where information, such as the results of National Curriculum assessments, is not available before the end of the summer term, head teachers must ensure that it is sent to mothers and fathers within 15 school days of receiving it). 


Disclosure of educational records

Schools, as independent public bodies, are directly responsible under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) for the collation, retention, storage and security of all information they produce and hold. This will include educational records, head teacher’s reports and any other personal information of individuals - pupils, staff and parents. 

The Pupil Information Regulations require that a school’s governing body ensures that a pupil’s educational record is made available for their parent to see, free of charge, within 15 school days of receipt of the parent’s written request. If a parent makes a written request for a copy of the record this too must be provided and within 15 school days. Governing bodies can charge a fee for the copy but if they do, it must not be more than the cost of supply.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has a suggested scale basis for such costs which is available on its website


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