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First Aid Kit


EC 32040 The governing board of any school district, superintendent of schools, or principal in whom is vested the administration or supervision of any public or private school in the state shall equip the school with a first aid kit, whenever any pupils of the school are conducted or taken on field trips under the supervision or direction of any teacher in, or employee or agent of, the school.

First Aid: Liability
EC 49407  Notwithstanding any provision of any law, no school district, officer of any school district, school principal, physician, or hospital treating any child enrolled in any school in any district shall be held liable for the reasonable treatment of a child without the consent of a parent or guardian of the child when the child is ill or injured during regular school hours, requires reasonable medical treatment, and the parent or guardian cannot be reached, unless the parent or guardian has previously filed with the school district a written objection to any medical treatment other than first aid.
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