Educational Network Services
Educational Network Services
Exclusion of Pupils with a Contagious Disease
First Step
Request doctor’s report on child’s condition.
Second Step
Nurse and administration will review doctor’s report and follow all the Health and Safety Code per Ed. Code.
Third Step
Contact parents with student placement results.
Fourth Step
The administration will adhere to state mandates and provide parents other educational options for their student.
Final Outcome
Safe school environment
CCR Title 5 202 A pupil while infected with any contagious or infectious disease may not remain in any public school. 
EC 48213 If a pupil is excluded from attendance pursuant to Section 120230 of the Health and Safety Code or Section 49451 of this code, or if a principal or his or her designee determines that the continued presence of the child would constitute a clear and present danger to the life, safety, or health of a pupil or school personnel, the governing board is not required to send prior notice of the exclusion to the parent or guardian of the pupil. The governing board shall send a notice of the exclusion as soon as is reasonably possible after the exclusion. 
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