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Injurious Objects

Step One

If a report has been made of a student carrying any type of injurious objects, immediately send a certificated person and another adult to bring the student to the main office. Bring all his belongings.

Step Two

Ask student if he is carrying anything that is not allowed in school? If he says no, empty his back pack and pants/shirt pockets.

Step Three

Have suspect write a statement if he is carrying it and reason why.

Step Four

Inform parent/guardian of situation immediately.

Final Outcome

Suspensio/Expulsion based on item and his/her intent.

EC 49331 Any certificated employee of any school district and any classified employee of a school district who is designated by the governing board for such purposes may take from the personal possession of any pupil upon school premises or while under the authority of school personnel any injurious object in the possession of the pupil.


EC 49332 The parent or guardian of a pupil from whom an injurious object has been taken pursuant to this section may be notified by school personnel of the taking.

   School personnel may retain protective possession of any injurious object taken pursuant to this section until the risk of its use as a weapon has dissipated, unless prior to dissipation of the risk, the parent or guardian requests that the school personnel retain the object, in which case, the school personnel shall retain the object until the parent or guardian or another adult with the written consent of the parent or guardian appears personally to take possession of the injurious object from the school personnel


EC 49333Notwithstanding Section 49332, a pupil who brings an injurious object to school, and who presents the object to a certificated or classified employee, may have the object returned to him or her at the conclusion of the school day, provided such injurious object may be lawfully possessed off school grounds.


EC 49334 If a school employee initially notifies a law enforcement agency regarding a student or adult who possesses an injurious object while upon school premises or while under the authority of school personnel, the employee may not be subject to any civil or administrative proceeding, including any disciplinary action, for violation of any local policy or procedure relating to the notification of a law enforcement agency. The employee shall conform to locally adopted procedures after exercising his or her personal option to notify a law enforcement agency.

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